Details of In-Stock Endless Tension Springs

All in-stock endless tension springs are right-wound. The length Lk is 1000 mm. The specified forces and spring deflections apply under static or quasi-static conditions only.

Springs are manufactured from patented drawn spring steel wire DIN 2076-D in accordance with DIN 17223 part1. Spring steel with the material number 1.4310 in accordance with DIN 17224 is used for the stainless steel version. The tolerances for wire diameter deviation are in accordance with DIN 2076.

Springs manufactured from steel wire in accordance with EN 10270-1-SH / DH are lightly oiled after heat treatment. Springs manufactured from EN 10270-3-1.4310 stainless steel are cleaned before heat treatment.

Heat Treatment
None of the endless tension springs are hear treated. This allows subsequent bending or changes in pitch modification. Springs should be subsequently heat treated to meet quality standards.

Annealing Specifications:
Material Annealing Temperature Hold Time

Spring steel EN 10270-1-SH / DH 270°C 30 min.

Stainless spring steel EN 10270-3-1.4310 380°C 30 min.

Air cooling.