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Product number: SRB-1017V  
(Db) Bore diameter: 40.00 mm  
(d) Wire diameter: 2.50 mm  
(De) Outer diameter: 42.90 mm  
Outer diameter tol. 0.60 mm  
(e) Opening: 12.00 mm  
(Dn) Groove diameter: 42.50 mm  
Groove diameter tol. 0.10 mm  
(Rn ) Groove radius: 1.40 mm  
Weight 4.43 g  
Material: Wire EN 10270-3-1.4310  

Product group: A05

Item (€)/Item
from 1 2.81
from 10 1.72
from 20 0.87
from 40 0.55
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